Monday, February 10, 2014

Chapter Eight

Rocky celebrated his new found freedom by crashing some random party. Go Rocky it's your birthday...go Rocky, shake your

While at the party he randomly grabbed some girl named Dina Bowers and started making out with her. I guess he really is ready to move on.

Now see this young lady that Rocky has shamelessly thrown himself at....well I had a good laugh when it turns out that she marries his son Magnus. So not only has he made out with his daughter in law but they came very close to dating first. Too funny!

Good thing they didn't date because she gave him two wonderful little grandchildren named Latonia and Harmony. 

Maeve gave him a grandson named Ronnie. 
He is a little cutie pie!

No, no, no Rocky...she is taken.

Rocky has been spending a lot of his free time out on the water.

But who is he kidding, Rocky is a family man at heart. He made his decision on wife number two from the moment he stole a kiss from her. I was just fighting it because it all happened so fast. I thought for sure he would like to live the single life for awhile but no. He has chosen to marry Dina Bowers.

Wife #2 Dina Giggs

She already has a daughter with her ex-boyfriend Jay and of course I had to go rescue the tot from her dad. Any kid would want Rocky as their father. So welcome Nichole to the Giggs family. 

Didn't take Dina long to get pregnant with their first child together. 

and Rocky is happy about the coming baby.

This is baby Sasha and she is an evil slob. You may notice that Rocky slept during the entire No freaking out for him. He is a pro in the daddy department now. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Chapter Seven

Melitta has had her young adult birthday and she gained the over emotional trait. 

Here is a couple of pictures of Jason and Jennifer. 
They are so adorable!

Don't even think about getting her in the mood Rocky. It is soooo not going to happen!

Look at Magnus....he aged up to look just like Rocky!
He gained the neurotic trait. 

Here he is saluting his father. 
That's right show the respect for your dad boy. 

Ambrose what the hell do you think you are doing!? She is your daughter-in-law! I guess that is better than Maeve calling up Rocky and asking him out on a Something has gone wrong with linking the family. They show the proper relation on the family tree but they don't act like their related. 

I believe this is Grace as a teen??? I don't know what trait she gained though, forgot to write it down. 

Birthday time for the twins!
Jason gained the perfectionist trait.
Jennifer gained the easily impressed trait. 

The game turned Mosaic in to a while he was at the party. 

Tap is Paytons romantic interest but he denied her a
She was not happy!

I sent the family to the festival to have some fun but they all looked miserable...

Miserable Payton

Miserable Jason

Jennifer looks miserable even while eating a snow cone

She is even thinking about going home

Rocky looks pretty happy to be there

Grace is hanging out with Maeve whom also happened to be there. 

Mirra kept herself busy playing soccer most of the time.

So Rocky and Mirra tried for baby in the time machine. I was seeing if it would send me Leo again and I thought it had but I was wrong. 

They did get a son and his name is Arturo.

This is him after the makeover

Rocky has completed his LTW and is now an astronaut. 

Congrats Rocky!

So now is where I have deviated from the original plan. I planned on keeping him with each wife until they died but have decided to kick Mirra out and made her take all the remaining kids with her. 

Goodbye Mirra

Had to send her away feeling 

The next day I sent Rocky over to ask for a divorce. I didn't take pictures of Mirra's heartache because that would be cruel.....haha. Not sure if I will do this every time he completes his LTW or if I was just sick of all the kids in the house. Nonetheless it is what I did this time around. 

Now I will leave you with Rocky relaxing and getting ready for the hunt of wife #2. 

*These are some extra filler photos that I decided not to use. 

Not sure who that is...maybe his sister as she looks a lot like his mother. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chapter Six

Now, now Payton, your not supposed to play in your potty.....Yuck! 

Mirra doesn't tend to invent many things anymore because she has a serious gambling She really needs to go to gamblers anonymous! The plus side to her problem...she wins the jackpot way more than she loses. So I actually think she brings in more this way than inventing. 

If you can believe it Maeve is about to have her young adult birthday. So Rocky invited people over for a party. The first guests to arrive were his parents, Ambrose and Maeve. In true Ambrose fashion the first thing he did upon entering the home was scare the crap out of

And look at what Maeve is sporting... a little baby bump. Looks like Rocky is going to have a little sibling running around. 

Mango and his family showed up too so I took a close up of Mango so Julie could see him non-berried. 

Welcome to adulthood little or I should say not so little, Maeve. 

Maeve looks a tad bit stressed out about graduating. After she celebrated graduating she was given the boot. I didn't move her to far away though, she is only down the street from dad. 

The newest member of the family is Grace, she is a loner and light sleeper. She also is the first I think to inherit Ambrose's eye color since linking him as Rocky's father. 

Payton also had her birthday and became a child. She rolled the rebellious So not only is she evil but now rebellious too! She might be fun to play when she is an adult. I may have to give her a spin off in another file once she is all grown. 

With birthdays out of the way I sent the family to the festival to celebrate. However, they didn't do anything interesting while there. 

Look at this collection of gnomes the household has accumulated. There is even a baby one with a diaper on!

Baby number six is on the way! Of course Mirra is yelling at the machine because it is on a serious losing streak. Stop while your ahead Mirra.

Another gnome picture. It is weird because they all tend to stick together and move around on the lot. Even during the day they will pop up in a new place. It is entertaining to see all the different poses they do. 

A stray dog decided to pay a visit to the grim reaper while napping on the lawn. So of course we had to investigate, especially evil Payton. 

Evil little Payton thought it was hilarious to watch the dog die. 

While setting up the shot above I noticed in the background that Maeve is not alone on her porch. So I decided to swing the camera over there and check out who she has over. By the time I get there this is what I caught her doing. 

She is making out with a very good looking man that I know is married! Very naughty Maeve!!

I tried to send the whole family to the beach to play in the ocean but everyone just went home. Except for Malitta whom happened to be holding Grace. So I had them play in the water. The interaction is so stinking cute!!


Baby number six turned out to be babies number six and seven! 
Jennifer- genius and loner
Jason- couch potato and grumpy (bad combo!)

These are the last two babies that Rocky and Mirra will be having together. If Mirra had it her way she would be popping out kids one right after the other. But since she is on her way to being an elder it is time to let the kids grow and give Rocky and Mirra some down time before Mirra is an elder. 

As you can see above Magnus had his teen birthday. 
He rolled the flirty trait. 

Rocky is taking Jennifer for a walk before I age the twins up to toddlers. 

Grace had her child birthday and rolled the artistic trait. 
Rocky is reading her a bedtime story. 

I will leave you with Magnus stealing candy from his baby brother Jason! You little twerp!!