Monday, February 10, 2014

Chapter Eight

Rocky celebrated his new found freedom by crashing some random party. Go Rocky it's your birthday...go Rocky, shake your

While at the party he randomly grabbed some girl named Dina Bowers and started making out with her. I guess he really is ready to move on.

Now see this young lady that Rocky has shamelessly thrown himself at....well I had a good laugh when it turns out that she marries his son Magnus. So not only has he made out with his daughter in law but they came very close to dating first. Too funny!

Good thing they didn't date because she gave him two wonderful little grandchildren named Latonia and Harmony. 

Maeve gave him a grandson named Ronnie. 
He is a little cutie pie!

No, no, no Rocky...she is taken.

Rocky has been spending a lot of his free time out on the water.

But who is he kidding, Rocky is a family man at heart. He made his decision on wife number two from the moment he stole a kiss from her. I was just fighting it because it all happened so fast. I thought for sure he would like to live the single life for awhile but no. He has chosen to marry Dina Bowers.

Wife #2 Dina Giggs

She already has a daughter with her ex-boyfriend Jay and of course I had to go rescue the tot from her dad. Any kid would want Rocky as their father. So welcome Nichole to the Giggs family. 

Didn't take Dina long to get pregnant with their first child together. 

and Rocky is happy about the coming baby.

This is baby Sasha and she is an evil slob. You may notice that Rocky slept during the entire No freaking out for him. He is a pro in the daddy department now. 


  1. Tut! Tut! kissing his daughter in law - lol
    Lilly and Rocky that would have been funny!!
    Pro daddy - lol - you're right there!!
    Can't wait to see how Sasha turns out :)

    1. I don't even know how she has turned I haven't played the file past her being born. I need to dust the cobwebs off his file and play him for awhile.